Saturday, September 19, 2009

Fw: [high altitude bioprospecting] New comment on Your humblesmartphone for balloon communications?....

To Alexander whom suggested APRS instead of using a mobile phone:
YES, I would love to get into this. This is what our colleagues at NASA use on their balloons for instance.
Can you give us further details?
Do we need a ham license?
I was thinking of using a 'phone because our PC104 supplier does combined GPRS and GPS cards etc., and also because we could link into Google Latitude etc easily. But APRS is the proven ballooning solution... No APRS PC104 card compatible with the rest of my components though...
Again, any suggestions?
An APRS with a serial modem perhaps?


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Subject: [high altitude bioprospecting] New comment on Your humble smartphone for balloon communications?....

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What about APRS?

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